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Sell your home FAST and at the HIGHEST price with STAGING!

Sell your home FAST and at the HIGHEST price with STAGING!

First impressions are everything! Staging your home is the process of arranging furniture and presenting each room in a way that will appeal to buyers. This will highlight your home’s strengths and help buyers envision themselves living in the space. A stager can help you arrange your own furniture in a new way, swap out some old items for newer rented pieces, or stage the entire home. Even something as small as investing in a new paint color can tie in all the elements of your staging design and will help get your property ready to market. Staging is one of the best investments a homeowner/investor can make. 

We have a trusted team of vendors we use for staging and can provide our clients with staging at HALF THE COST in San Francisco.

  1. Fix That First Impression 
  2. Sell Your Home Faster 
  3. Increase Your Sales Price 
Here are some examples of how staging can positively affect the sale of your home. 

260 King #1305

This condo sat on the market for 204 days, and then again with a different realtor for 75 days. Our stager specializes in a contemporary design. You can see that the furniture choice can really affect the overall look of the space. We were able to close in 35 days and above asking price at $1.5M.

We also decided to spray paint the kitchen cabinets white to complete the contemporary look and tie in all the furniture items together. We bought white spray paint and painted the cabinets ourselves. 

301 Mission #702

Here is an example of arranging your own items so that they are visually pleasing. This is a photo featuring our listing at the Millenium which sold for $2.688M. The closet had beautiful glass shelves with LED lighting – perfect to feature a woman’s shoes! I added some of my own shoes to be featured in the windows, and we organized my client’s real belongings in his closet.

In the kitchen, we arranged the bottles to be on display and presented as a “custom bar” above the kitchen island.

260 King #1613

520 28th St, Noe Valley

This was a fun one! Our Noe Valley Jewel was beautifully transformed 

First impressions are everything! Our team of Contractors, Flooring Specialist, Painter, Designer, Stager…can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home & maximize your selling price.

As you can see, staging can really make or break the sale of your home! Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about our marketing strategies that will get you the most return!!

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