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Francois H, Oakland Buyer

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I wish that happens to you and full-heartedly recommend Mia and her team for your real estate needs.

- Francois H, Oakland Buyer

The six magic words. Mia can speak them and she makes it happen.

I first met Mia as I was visiting the Bay Area to plan for my relocation from the Southwest where I had lived for twenty years. I was immediately impressed by her understanding of the real estate market and knowledge of what different neighborhoods around Oakland and San Francisco have to offer. Right away Mia understood what I was looking for, not just housing-wise, but also the everyday-life experience that I was seeking. And most of all, her kindness. She was thoughtful and patient to explain how to approach our search and present our case to sellers, their agents and lenders. I was quite naïve about how competitive this market truly is. Mia gained my trust right away.

I credit Mia for formulating a winning strategy for my house search. Given how quickly things move around here, we had to be as effective as possible to avoid nerve-breaking bidding wars and secure the approval of a lender as my relocation was fast approaching. To date, I may not fully understand and appreciate how much time Mia and her team members spent on researching the market on my behalf, screening properties of potential interest, and networking with other agents. What I can say is that Mia’s persistence kept things moving forward. She was in constant communication with me, which was a great relief given that I was then living out-of-state. She guided me step by step throughout this multifaceted process that, at times, can feel like an intractable labyrinth. Our very first offer was successful!

On a Monday morning, I remember receiving a call from the lender explaining that the final approval for my loan was being challenged. This was the day before flying to San Francisco to close on the property’s purchase. You can imagine my state of panic. I immediately reached out to Mia and, in a brief phone discussion between two appointments with her clients, she told me: “I will take care of it.” The six magic words. And she delivered. What she had to do, whom she had to convince still eludes me. It is only then that I took full measure of the unique value of her expertise and connections.

A few years ago, as I was starting to think about this relocation, the prospect of one day living gin the Bay Area that I so cherish was distant and intangible. A dream that seemed unreachable. Mia made something happen that is even more precious than acquiring a house. She turned one of my dearest dreams into reality. I wish that happens to you and full-heartedly recommend Mia and her team for your real estate needs.