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The experience of buying a home goes beyond crunching numbers in a mortgage calculator and doing a market analysis. Buying a home is an experience that will lead you to create life’s greatest memories. Many can recall stages of life from the home they lived in and tie it to a particular moment. You can look back at your photos and see the Christmas tree in front of the window or enjoying your morning coffee out on your balcony. It is our mission to help you find the home that feels right so that you can create life’s greatest memories. We are also experienced working with investors; advising them on their niche or micro neighborhoods to invest in along with appreciation potential.

1 Initial Consultation

Purchasing a home will be one of the most emotional and exciting decisions you will make in your lifetime. We want to learn more about who you are and establish a relationship that will last a lifetime. While sharing our expertise and examining local market conditions, we want to understand your objectives, needs, and time frames. It’s important to discuss the buying process and show how we will help you through every step. This is your dream! We love working with clients and turning their dream home into a reality. Investing in multiple properties? We’ll start by identifying your niche and start discussing the right property for your portfolio.

2 Loan Pre-Approval

It’s time to get your finances in order. An offer is given greater consideration by a seller if it is accompanied by a pre approval letter from a reputable lender. Often times, we get our buyers fully approved so that we can submit strong offers to compete with cash buyers. Our job is to ensure you have a head start against other buyers with a strong financial footing. We work closely with our preferred lenders who are prompt and provide superior service with great rates. These experts will be able to determine exactly how much you can afford for both a home and a down payment, and make sure you’re formally pre-approved for a loan.  We also help our clients with unique financing options for clients who have special needs such as low money down, bridge loans, foregin nationals without U.S. income, etc.

3 Home Shopping

Real estate is a match making process. It’s time to talk about your goals and list of priorities  while leveraging our relationships and inside knowledge. After that, we will help you determine what home will suit your lifestyle and needs. Location, architectural design, and amenities are just of few of the important factors in finding your perfect match. As a top agent team, we have access to inventory that has not been posted to the public. We’ll match your must haves with our local expertise and provide you with on and off-market properties.

4 Make An Offer

You’ve found the one, so let’s make an offer! We will help you formulate a viable offer based on our in depth market analysis. Many homes will get multiple offers and often spark bidding wars. This is where we leverage our negotiating skills and make sure to analyze all contingencies. There are financial, psychological, and emotional factors to keep in mind. We will ensure you don’t spend more than you need to. And should things not work out, we’ll be ready with a game plan for the next!  We will ensure to leverage our network and create a winning plan that will get you into contract within 1-2 offers.

5 Property Inspection & Final Loan Approval

Offer Accepted! A home inspection by an independent licensed inspector is important to check the home’s condition and determine if there are issues not apparent on a walk through. If new critical issues are discovered during buyer inspections, we will work with you to negotiate repairs, renegotiate price, or find the best solution to move forward. The next step would be to regularly monitor the progress of your transaction and make sure nothing falls through the cracks to ensure a smooth closing.

6 Congratulations, Enjoy Your New Home!

Our main focus is working with you, the seller’s agent, your lending institution, and then escrow officer to make sure every part of your file is complete for closing. A few days before closing, we will conduct a final walk through. Once both parties sign closing statements, the keys are yours and we’ll celebrate your new home and this exciting new chapter of your life! But it doesn’t stop there, our clients have become some of our greatest friends! And we will be there as a resource for all your real estate needs. If you are an investor, we will continue to provide our expertise on renovations and work together to achieve the highest return on investment. If you need help finding tenants, we can help!