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Looking for a Change? Join Takami Real Estate Group!

Our team is family. We work together to establish a common purpose and goal in delivering the highest and best results to our clients. Every day, in everything we do, we challenge ourselves by pushing our own boundaries and focusing on incremental improvement to achieve our personal goals. We are a family because we respect, trust and care for each other, and together everyone achieves more.

Why Takami Real Estate Group?

1. LOW TO NO EXPENSES: Most real estate agents spend 40-90% of their commission on expenses to run their business. These expenses typically include salaries, technology, marketing and adversiting, supply costs, signage, photography, lead generation, training, coaching and systems.

3. DO MORE BUSINESS: The combination of our training, technology, systems, brand, leads, accountability, and coaching will give you the tools to outperform the average agent with 10 years of experience.

2. MORE TIME: Systems make the ordinary extraordinary. As a member of our team, the combination of systems and the ability to leverage all of the team’s resources means you have more time to spend doing what you get paid the most for

4. OPPORTINITIES: Our unique opportunity model is designed so that every team member can build a team within our team that is more profitable and succesfull than the largest teams in the US.

eXp Joining Options


  • Consistent Leads from Multiple Lead Sources
  • Access to our Tech Stack & Team Resources
  • 1:1 Coaching with Mia
  • Team Meetings
  • Weekly Accountability (Lead Follow Up)
  • Established Team Branding
  • Personalized Buyer’s Books and Presentations
  • Open House Priority Hosting


  • All access to our Family Resources & Masterminds
  • Manage your own lead flow
  • Create your own Brand
  • Open House Hosting Opportunities
  • University Access for training team agents
  • Coaching with Mia and all family mentors
  • Resources for business growth support, system and process