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Success Stories from Our Clients


You will find no better agent than Mia Takami.   Mia sold my home after ONE open house at my asking price to a lovely buyer who really appreciated the home that I put some much love into.   I think Mia sold at the highest price for my floor plan.

Mia understands the Sf market, works efficiently, understands her buyers' needs, and executes in a smooth and professional way.  As a doctor, I have a very erratic schedule, but Mia was a great partner: she worked with my crazy schedule, met me late at night, she was responsive, dealt with my fears and worries, had a strategy and had done all of her homework before meeting me.  All of my time was so efficiently managed, she lined up all the preparation, marketing, and sale so smoothly.  She sold my home in record time against the time crunch of a looming coronavirus lockdown at the price that made me happy.  I have sold a handful of properties in various cities and have met many agents - Mia is a SUPERSTAR and a wonderful person to boot.  If you are buying or selling in SF, she's the one you want on your team.

Lata, Metropolitan #S709 Seller


Five stars and counting! Mia knows the market and submarkets well. She knows the stats of the major buildings in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

After meeting with many superstar agents, I decided to go with Mia to sell my San Francisco penthouse. Mia and her team did everything - painting, staging, photography, marketing, etc. and sold the listing at a record price. I also purchased two properties with Mia around the same time.

I recommended a friend to list with Mia and sold the property in record time and record price. I highly recommend Mia and her team, whether you are buying or selling. She and her team works hard for you…

John E, The Beacon Seller


Mia Takami and her team represented us in selling our rental property in SF. We just closed last week - the entire process took place during a very "strange" and "different" of the covid-19 pandemic. From the beginning, Mia showed professionalism, competency and responsiveness to our inquiries. She and her team always responded to us swiftly, even in the evenings or on the weekends. The vendors that she works with also delivered. During the process, Mia also has a way to deliver her insights in a very respectful manner that kept us calm during this whole process. Definitely would highly recommend Mia to represent property deals in SF.

Ferian & Rodica, Seller of 1501 Greenwich St #401 Cow Hollow


You sense a different level of confidence when an agent knows every single building development on the block and all future opportunities presented by the market. Mia put tons of energy into negotiation. With her efforts, we got the best offer on the market. She was on top of things through the closing and very helpful communicating with all parties involved (escrow, inspectors, the other broker, etc). Mia is killing it all across the board and you want her to represent you as a real estate agent.

Vadim O, 18 Lansing Seller


I was called up mid season by the SF Giants and needed housing immediately. Mia responded quickly and anticipated my needs - she found me a perfect place with a view of the Ball Park/Marina that my wife and I both loved! My commute was literally across the street. That left me more time for batting practice. How did she find me such a great place in such a short amount of time? Amazing. That showed me her current knowledge of the community. I highly recommend you speak with Mia if you are looking for a home in South Beach.

Kensuke Tanaka, Left Fielder, SF Giants


Mia Takami is the best realtor that I have ever worked with. I live in Southern California and I travel to SF on a weekly basis. I asked Mia to find me a condo close to the restaurant I owned and mentioned that I was a former professional baseball player. She found me a beautiful condo across the street from Oracle Park. It had a living room view of the stadium. I was elated. She negotiated my offer and we closed shortly after. What a pleasant experience. She took care of everything!!

Jeremy U, Glassworks/The Towers Buyer/Seller


Mia really knows San-Francisco property, including new and off-market. She navigates well through complex transactions and gets things done. She makes you feel as though she is looking out for you, not just as another client.

George and Judy S, Buyers at MIRA


We bought a condo at the Infinity in SF back in 2009 and Mia was our agent. She was skillful and great to work with. Since then, over the years, and with no transaction likely, Mia was very responsive and helpful as we assessed either selling or renting, and she was quick to provide us with helpful data on the markets in both categories. I was very impressed with her professionalism.

After almost 10 years, we decided to sell and asked Mia to be our agent. Given Mia's experience and deep network of potential buyers, we sold it during the pre-marketing period. Mia's insights and skillful handling of details was impressive and appreciated. Mia will forever be our SF real estate agent.

Larry V, Infinity Seller


Open House Realtor: "Are you currently working with a Realtor now?"

Me: Yes, Mia Takami is my Realtor.

Open House Realtor: Oh yes I have heard of her (know of her, etc). She is really good.

You know you are in great hands when you hear this time and time again at the open houses Mia would send me to check out on days she had her own to do!! And those Realtors were right. Mia is the best. She truly cares about you and is as hard-working as them come. She knows the SF market better than anyone (no exaggeration), introduced me to an equally as amazing lender to secure a loan, gave great advice, walks you through everything, and would even video chat me at places she would check out for me when I was out work.

She will find you your dream home, get the best price available, and she really cares.

Scott K, Buyer


We met Mia at one of her open houses. Even though the apartment was not right for us, Mia's enthusiasm and sharp business sense made an impression. When we found our dream home in Russian Hill, we asked Mia to represent us and she did an amazing job. She was responsive, knowledgeable, timely, and always full of positive energy.

We wanted to close within a month because our stuff from overseas were arriving. Mia stayed on top of the seller, the bank, the appraiser, etc., etc., so we could stay on schedule. In the end, we closed 2 days early which was so helpful as our stuff cleared Customs early, too. I would totally recommend Mia and work with her again in a heartbeat.

Linda M, Nob Hill Buyer


Mia, Taylor, and her team members are very reliable, professional with implementing ideas to help with improvements on marketing your real estate, such as virtual staging, updating photos.  Mia and her team are very knowledgeable about SOMA/SF area.

Mia and her team members hosts free events at  the Beacon, such as cooking classes, & other events. The team is very dedicated in working with their clients for optimum outcome.  Please consider Mia and her team with your property

Vivian & Tully, The Beacon


My wife and I were extremely fortunate to have found Mia when we were starting our first-time home buyer adventure. From the start, Mia did an amazing job helping us discover not only what we were really looking for in a home, but also what we could actually afford. As much as we had discussed this ourselves, like many first time home buyers, the process was a journey of discovery.

When we needed help understanding home financing, she connected us with an expert who quickly got us up to speed. When our search turned to an area that fell outside Mia's area of specialty, she connected us with resources to educate us, brought in a member of her team to help us cover more ground, did her own research, and showed us relevant properties.

When we found the right home, Mia had the offer in immediately, and the process was smooth and efficient. When there were issues with our loan in the 11th hour, Mia really shined, working multiple fronts with her lending contacts, and calming things down with the frazzled listing agent.

I can't recommend Mia enough. Mia possesses a talent for educating clients, figuring out what the client is really looking for when they may not know themselves, and navigating the field of speed bumps along the way. When you go with Mia you are getting a trusted partner.

Mark P, Alameda Buyer


Very courteous, efficient and professional. I highly recommend this team for your Real Estate needs. I was referred to Mia by an out of area agent, and started with skepticism. Mia put me at ease on our first call. She addressed all of my questions promptly and availed herself to me on each and every circumstance. As a bonus, she is very well connected and brings a wealth of support in all areas of need to make the entire experience easy and expeditious!

Lou R, Seller at Radiance


Mia really has her finger on the pulse of the market on a minute-by-minute basis. She knew right away when new properties were being marketed, both officially and unofficially, and we were able to price my unit at the highest prices per square foot ever. 

I later learned through having Mia also help me find a replacement dwelling somewhere on a hill (I was looking in the Nob Hill / Russian Hill / Telegraph Hill / Pacific Heights areas), that she is just as knowledgeable about the entire City as she is with SOMA, South Beach and Mission Bay. Mia provides incredible value in everything she does for her clients. I never cease to be amazed at the depth of her knowledge of all aspects of the real estate process and world, her attentiveness (she made me feel like I was her only client--her conscious goal), her great balance of attention to detail and keeping the big picture in mind, her "golden rule" ethics, and her wonderful, positive attitude. Even though I've said a lot of good things about Mia, I cannot say enough!


Gordon, The Beacon Seller


I just moved to San Francisco in September and settled on a condo with the great help from Mia. She is friendly and professional, highly responsive and caring for a smooth home purchase process. Since I am new to SF and want to know the surroundings, she showed me around the neighborhoods of each place we visited and introduced me to a lot of local projects going on in the areas. During my purchase process, there were some ambiguities from external that might make my offer less competitive when the market was moving fast. Mia was well aware of the SF market and suggested on how I could solve this issue. She knows a lot of the realtors on the seller side so that's also an advantage when it comes to offering a price and making a strong offer.


Overall, greatly recommend Mia!

Lin Z, Buyer


I have known Mia for at least 10 years now. She is a dynamite realtor who has an incredible handle and knowledge of the local property markets and trends. She has guided me on several property acquisitions that have made fantastic returns. I am glad she has ventured on her own. Get ready for a true game-changer.

Kumar G, Hayes Valley Buyer, Seller & Investor


We have known Mia for the past three years. She was instrumental in getting us a weekend condo in telegraph hill, San Francisco three years ago. Mia was very responsive to our needs, listened patiently to our evolving needs, and showed us multiple properties prior to buying our apartment.

We had told Mia that our goal was to ultimately move to SF from the Peninsula and if a suitable apartment should come up – she should let us know. For the past three years she has been very responsive in showing us multiple properties and keeping us informed about the SF real estate market.

Last month we found a place in one of the South Beach high-rises Mia had shown us to our liking and she worked diligently in getting us the place below the asking price. She worked actively with the listing agent and us to get the deal closed to our liking. She also worked very closely with our bank and helped get the loan approved in time. Mia also helped rent the place the day after closing.

We are very pleased with her services, her positive attitude and attention to detail. We highly recommend her services to anybody in need of any real estate. Five Stars. Best


Leo & Nathalie Joseph


I have owned a recruitment company in Silicon Valley for twenty years. Part of the recruitment process is the relocation of the candidate. With the current tech boom in SF, we have relied on Mia to relocate our SF hires. The millennials relate well to her and she understands the needs of this new generation of wealth. Her specialty of selling properties in the South Beach/Mission Bay area has made her an asset to the tech startup community.

Jeff M, Chairman and CEO at I-Hire


The six magic words. Mia can speak them and she makes it happen.

I first met Mia as I was visiting the Bay Area to plan for my relocation from the Southwest where I had lived for twenty years. I was immediately impressed by her understanding of the real estate market and knowledge of what different neighborhoods around Oakland and San Francisco have to offer. Right away Mia understood what I was looking for, not just housing-wise, but also the everyday-life experience that I was seeking. And most of all, her kindness. She was thoughtful and patient to explain how to approach our search and present our case to sellers, their agents and lenders. I was quite naïve about how competitive this market truly is. Mia gained my trust right away.

I credit Mia for formulating a winning strategy for my house search. Given how quickly things move around here, we had to be as effective as possible to avoid nerve-breaking bidding wars and secure the approval of a lender as my relocation was fast approaching. To date, I may not fully understand and appreciate how much time Mia and her team members spent on researching the market on my behalf, screening properties of potential interest, and networking with other agents. What I can say is that Mia's persistence kept things moving forward. She was in constant communication with me, which was a great relief given that I was then living out-of-state. She guided me step by step throughout this multifaceted process that, at times, can feel like an intractable labyrinth. Our very first offer was successful!

On a Monday morning, I remember receiving a call from the lender explaining that the final approval for my loan was being challenged. This was the day before flying to San Francisco to close on the property's purchase. You can imagine my state of panic. I immediately reached out to Mia and, in a brief phone discussion between two appointments with her clients, she told me: "I will take care of it." The six magic words. And she delivered. What she had to do, whom she had to convince still eludes me. It is only then that I took full measure of the unique value of her expertise and connections.

A few years ago, as I was starting to think about this relocation, the prospect of one day living gin the Bay Area that I so cherish was distant and intangible. A dream that seemed unreachable. Mia made something happen that is even more precious than acquiring a house. She turned one of my dearest dreams into reality. I wish that happens to you and full-heartedly recommend Mia and her team for your real estate needs.

Francois H, Oakland Buyer


Mia represented me in the purchase of my loft unit in the City Residences at Millennium Tower in 2010.  She did such a great job, saving me $300,000 from the list price at the time of purchase, that she was my first call when it came time to sell my unit this past June. Her team developed great ideas to really make my home showcase its best potential.  The photographer she selected shot the unit throughout the day and night, capturing dramatic lighting to showcase the unit to great effect in our online and print advertising.

The result was a record setting price for a one bedroom unit in San Francisco of almost $2.7 million!  Mia priced the property several hundred thousand dollars above where I thought it could possibly sell, and we were on the market less than one month, with a buyer meeting our offering price.  Mia knows the SOMA market and hit the bullseye with our pricing.  Between the money she saved me on the buy side and the great pricing on the sell side, she put hundreds of thousands extra in my bank account!

William H, The Millenium Tower Seller


Mia is always so friendly, accommodating, detailed and hardworking, plus very experienced and efficient with real estate works.  While we were discussing, she sent me a comp on the same day via email. Give me the stager info and also contacted the stager to get an idea. In the meantime, my property was still occupied by my tenant with the last month remaining term.  Mia worked with my tenant while she was living there, and did inspection. My tenant was not bothered and very happy when she works with Mia. Mia actually provided me with the selling strategies and selling time frame when the first time we met.

She successfully sold my property off the market with the prospective price she estimated with this years market and trend. Absolutely satisfying price and my tenant was still paying me rent! So it saved me so much time and money and also earned me with the property selling fund. Mia now has left me an amazing impression about how she conducts business and we are becoming closer friends since we are all gals.

Melanie S, The Gramercy Tower Nob Hill Seller


From our initial inquiry to closing a tenant for our apartment, Mia's responsiveness, experience, and patience in listening, showing, and working with us to go through the process was phenomenal. More specifically, Mia was always quick to respond whether it was by email or phone message. She was proactive about scanning the other available units in the area and recommending how we strategize our listing. She was also able to quickly arrange a professional and affordable photographer to optimize the appeal of our listing.

I can't recommend her highly enough. If you work with her, you'll be in good hands.

Jon L, Lumina Owner


Mia knows Beacon very well and she is willing to take extra effort to make things easy and smooth for us. We live in the South Bay. During the whole process, we didn't need to go to the city for a single time. Mia helped with everything. Right after our condo was put on the market, something unexpected happened. An upper level unit had leakage and our ceiling was partially ruined. Mia helped dealing with the HOA, the repair company and scheduling the condo showing to avoid conflicts with the repair work. We were really impressed with her positive attitude handling the situation and we deeply appreciate her professional help with the unexpected issue as well.

Mia works super hard. She is always there whenever we had any questions or requests. The transition went really smooth. Mia's experience in Beacon and detail oriented work style made the process worry free for both us and the buyer.

We highly recommend Mia if you ever need a realtor in the SF area.

Ping B, The Beacon Seller


I asked around with some friends about rental agents, as I was out of the country when my tenants vacated my apartment in SOMA. I had always rented out the unit myself (9 years strong) but I couldn't swing the time commitment this time around.

A lot of agents came with rave reviews from my friends, and I reached out to all of them. Granted, this was Thanksgiving week, so I didn't expect immediate attention. One of the agents took days to respond to me, and then another few days (well after the holidays) to follow up again. Another one of the agents, while very responsive, was trying to give me the hard sell, which made me uncomfortable. The night before Thanksgiving, Mia got on the phone with me for 30 min to talk about the unit and the market. It felt right, so I went with her. It was clearly the best decision I could have made.

From preparing the unit to hiring a photographer and a handyman at reasonable prices (very high quality), to showing the unit and giving me frank advice while staying loyal, Mia really made the process as easy as it could be. She earned every penny of her reasonable rate and there's no doubt I will be using her again and recommending her wholeheartedly.

Ali E, Watermark Owner


Mia was our selling agent and helped us prepare, list, and close the sale of our SF condo all within 30 days!  She has an incredibly deep understanding of the real estate market in the Bay Area, and in San Francisco, in particular.  Throughout the selling process, Mia was transparent and highly communicative. My wife and I always felt that we were in good hands.  We look forward to working with Mia again in the future!

Jon C, Glassworks Seller


Mia is far and away the best real estate agent I have worked with for a number of reasons. Mia always puts the best interests of her clients first. In my opinion, this is the most important quality for a real estate agent and Mia lives it.  Combine this with the fact that Mia is fun, sociable, passionate about her work and puts people at ease. This helps her get the best result for her clients and makes you want to do business with her.

My wife and I cannot recommend Mia highly enough. Earlier this year, she helped us sell our condo in SOMA. Through her hard work, she managed to get us the exact price we were looking for! Most impressively, when unexpected personal issues arose we were forced to stop the sale. Mia worked even harder to make sure we could accomplish this, even though it meant she would not get a commission. She truly cared about us as clients and valued our long term relationship over any immediate commission.  If you want to find a great property in SF or want to sell, call Mia and you won't be disappointed!

Jeffrey N, Beacon Seller


After renting and living in the SoMa area of San Francisco for about a year, I knew that this was the right place for me to buy a condo. I felt uneasy since finding the right real estate agent is half the battle and can make a big difference when finding and purchasing a condo. My uneasiness turned out to be accurate with the first real estate agency I worked with during my condo search - it turned out to be very lethargic and unresponsive. I was disturbed at this point since I was not being taken seriously, but I decided to go ahead and check out a few open houses on my own one day.

This is when the condo hunt turned for the best since Mia was showing one of the open houses that day. Mia gave me a good impression and I told her that I was very serious in buying a condo and that I wanted her to be my primary agent. Mia exceeded all expectations. Mia is very easy to talk to and shows no negative attitude or arrogance. The whole process of finding and purchasing the right condo took about 5 months, which can be very time consuming for many real estate agents, but Mia was very patient with me. Mia would always make time to visit different condos with me and gave me excellent feedback. Mia had a great knowledge of the area that I was interested in living in. Mia would warn me if certain condo complexes or buildings were going to raise their HOA fees, for reasons such as pending lawsuits. Once I selected a condo, Mia went into battle with the condo developer and presented me with the best deal available. Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of my condo search.

It's very easy to write a positive yelp review for Mia since she is a genuinely great person.

Brian, SF Blu Buyer


Being a Real Estate Professional, I should be doing more reviews on my profession since "it takes one to know one" and I do know this one.  Condos, lofts, South Beach, SoMa, South of Market; Mia is All-Pro in these areas and I would highly recommend if you are looking in these areas that she should be the first one you speak to.

Working with her means you have an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in the area Realtor.  She is an excellent negotiator, highly experienced in every aspect of realty and other Realtors like working with her.  Mia's professional expertise is obvious from the first conversation ...

Mia is fun to work with.  For me, "fun to work with" means they know what they are doing to the Nth Degree, are able to handle obstacles well and have social skills/graces that remove "tedious" from the process.  You know what I mean ...

I also like the fact that Mia puts together socially conscious fund raisers, her last one at "Ozumo" with the proceeds going to the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund administered by the JCCCNC.  I will always stand up and applaud individuals that take time to "give back" to the community. Mia is successful, dedicated but still knows how to take time out to "smell the roses." 

Terry A


Thanks to all the previous glowing reviews of Mia because they helped me find her. They also encouraged me to hire her to sell my place and each review turned out to be 100% accurate. She has the integrity, perseverance, resourcefulness, style, and grace under pressure that make her clients put their confidence in her. She was very responsive, tenaciously hard working, and supportive through the entire process. Her knowledge of the area will impress and her expertise quickly earns your trust. In the end, she got me the top price in a 21-day close, constantly sheltering me from all the drama that is typical to real estate transactions. Needless to say, I would hire her again and recommend her for anyone that values these exceptional characteristics.

Carolyn D, Portside Seller


I was referred to Mia by my business contact in Tokyo who really recommended her for any real estate needs.  I was looking for a furnished rental in San Francisco downtown (to have a branch office in U.S.) and have contacted her from Japan. She communicated with me though Skype and have helped me through the whole process to secure a perfect place.  I have learned so much about San Francisco real estate from Mia and she also educated me with the possibility of buying a property in San Francisco.

Ken G, Buyer


Omg!  This woman is solid in her knowledge negotiation!  She knows the market and has given me the best honest advice possible.  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with her! Thank you Mia!

- Nammy P

Nammy P


We are involved in real estate investment and development in the Philippines.  Mia and our family did one residential transaction at the Pointe Pacific gated community (Daly City).  With Mia's professionalism, she closed the sale in a very prompt and productive way. Kudos to Mia for her diligence and honesty. There was no double-talk, only straightforward honesty and concern for our purpose.  Peace!

William S, Buyer in Daly City


5 stars across the board for Mia Takami! I've bought and sold properties through Mia for several years now, including a condo in SOMA directly across for the Giants ballpark. Mia knows every inch of SOMA and where the best properties are. I'd highly recommend her  - friendly, professional and super responsive, Mia is a pleasure to work with.